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Weddings and Anniversaries

We love to preserve memories,so for ANY occasion,we are always ready to document and preserve. Please ask about transforming your old photos or VHS to a digital slideshow memorabilia,or video for generations to enjoy.

Travel Destinations

Vacation anyone? Lets face it, memories are priceless; if you have documented them in photos or video! We can capture your most priceless moments wherever you chose to be- Dubai to Jamaica- No Problem Mon! We are on the scene! Please contact Honeylens to arrange your individual vacation needs, we would be happy to accompany you to your travel destination!

Sea, Sand & Boats

I love boats;for some of us they are our homes. showcase your way of life today,after all; you only live once!

Beautiful Homes

Your home! It doesn't necessary have to be on the market! You might just love what you have done to it so much that you wish to preserve your artistic talent! Let us help document your valuable possession for generations to come! Who knows? You might eventually be featured in Beautiful Homes!

Honeylens Motorsports-Cars and Bikes!

We love our cars! Next to our Bikes and Pets! Celebrate your ride with personal Photos and videos to show your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


Are you an Artist? Showcase your invaluable work of art on Honeylens Art Portfolio. Contact us for details.

Planet Earth

Pet Photography

We know how much you love your precious ones; preserve their memory forever in a photo or video album.---------- ( Pets are people too! ) " Some pets are so adoring; their fees are free!"


Celebrating ANYTHING? Have your personal photographer capture ALL your most priceless moments from start to finish! Tip! All photos are available through Honeylens as gift items: Canvas,Mugs,T-shirts..e.t.c

Honeylens Models

Aspiring for the Runway or other Modeling aspirations? We will bring your beauty to life! We love to photograph 'Not considered beautiful by society standards' Models...They are normally more beautiful and unique than the norm! Aspiring models please send us your best photos for consideration to be featured on Honeylens' "Model of the Month". Bikinis,Boudoir,Occupational,or other.